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Last Week's Monday Morning Business Coach

Are the Rules You Have, the Rules You Currently Need to Succeed?

It’s a simple question but it’s one that we all need to be asking ourselves if we are to be effective leaders in our work and in our lives. We all ope


  • I found your ideas especially helpful when talking to people . . .Having gone through all those questionnaires, it made me realize that the position I landed as a result, was just the job I wanted. And, I was able to articulate why I was such a good fit. …Thank you again for your help, you can file me in your success stories.
    Naomi E.
  • It’s all about passion isn’t it?  I have been totally been excited since I started looking for a new position and our one hour session really helped.  To you it was introductory, to me it was an outsider perspective.  Even though I found the new type of work, you provided the impetus and new approach in that short session.  I want to express my sincerest gratitude.  Thanks,  
    Tom B.
  • Carpenter Smith Consulting will take you on an honest journey through the difficulty of claiming your own life as a leader in today’s world.  Their exercises and insights are needed by anyone who manages people and is committed to their emotional and spiritual well-being.  Carpenter Smith’s approach to leadership is practical, has depth, is inspiring, and will touch a nerve with professionals trying to gain some control over their lives.

    Peter Block, Author, Flawless Consulting and Stewardship
  • I have worked with Carpenter Smith Consulting for several years.  Working with them has impacted  my professional and personal life in profound ways.  Their guidance and philosophy has helped me approach my clients and my family with a  level of compassion and understanding that makes the relationship more rewarding.  I have been able to find my leadership style and bring that to bear with my clients and family.  It takes some work – don’t think it doesn’t – but the rewards and satisfaction are tremendous!

    Diana Wickizer, Wickizer Communications
  • Carpenter Smith Consulting has given our management team clarity on problems that we had been facing for years.  Our business is healthier and Lensbaby is a better place for us and our team to work as a result of consulting with Linda and Stephanie about the direction of our business.

    Craig Strong and Sam Pardue, Lensbaby LLC